Donut Be Your Friend巡遊故事

The children had a great STEM learning experience with Donut and Ah Meow. They learnt the importance of working independently and as a cooperative member of a group to accomplish certain tasks. They loved their Donut glasses and other gadgets which they could take home and share what they learnt with their family and friends!
戲劇往往能帶動寶寶進入學習的高潮!感謝Donut Be Your Friend巡遊故事,讓寶寶知道懂得獨立處事及團隊合作完成任務的重要性,享受人與人溝通的快樂,不能讓電子產品成為玩伴。寶寶很喜歡這副Donut眼鏡啊!快快與寶寶分享他們所學的東西吧!