Our School校園設施

A well-designed and decorated school not only creates a delightful atmosphere but also promotes effective learning. Our school has prepared comprehensive and detail-planned classrooms. the designs are in line with the curriculum. Different learning areas are specially designed and arranged aim at providing on environment with adequate space for free movement, easy access to toys and learning materials, and serve the purpose of stimulating children to learn.




  • Multi-intellectual Classroom 多元智能教室

  • Language Corner (Chinese) 語文角(中)

  • Language Corner (English) 語文角(英)

  • Reading Corner 閱讀角

  • App Learning Corner 平板電腦學習區

  • Visual Art Exhibition Corridor 視覺藝術展示廊

  • Little Community 生活小社區

  • Sensorial Activities Playground 幼兒感覺統合發展區

  • Maths Wonderland 數學天地

  • Physical Activities Playground 大小肌肉活動區

  • Life Experience Learning Corner 生活體驗學習區

  • Literacy Learning Corner 兩文三語増潤學習區

  • Green Wall 綠色環保園

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