Our Mission 辦學理念

We inspire enthusiasm for lifelong learning.

We encourage children to approach with confidence and creativity.

We deliver a holistic approach to learning, with a school-based curriculum which focuses on developing children’s language skills, creativity and thinking skills, to activate their own natural desire to learn.



  • Creating a place that is full of Love and caring, combining Bilingual with Native speaking, Training real International student.
    致力為孩子創造一個充滿愛與關懷的學習園地,秉承「結合東西方教育精華,實現中英雙語母語化, 培養真正國際化人才」的教學理念, 因材施教。
  • Encourage children to have his own creative capability, Problem solving ability.
  • Training Children to have positive thinking, Valuation, growing up healthily and Happily.